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Vika (35 years)

Minjets vai seks tava avto. Raksti vai zvani
Babite, Pinki, Jurmala
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Ad ID #7344435
Name Vika
Age 35
City lv
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Added 15 Sep.
Views 190

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Elena (25 years) 9

Elena (25)

Whatever your reason to go to my exclusive online home, whether it is a monotony of a day, free from business responsibilities, or a hint of loneliness presented by a an extended summer time evening in the town or simple a unexpected "what the heck, we live only one time!" YOU ARE WELCOME! Hello, my name is Helen, I am a beautiful escort model, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, a dazzling smile, a well-groomed and educated lady, (strictly - this contact is not a salon!), - always open to meet a generous gentleman who knows how to treat a lady, and get reciprocity in return You can write to me right now on my WhatsApp to set up a date with a beautiful charming lady for a candlelit dinner and a bottle of champagne Each order is discussed on an individual basis, so you can count on a transparent policy and an attentive attitude PS: I reserve the right to choose my appointments. Warning Please don't disturb me, if: You are drunk Smoke You use narcotic substances You have potency problems I look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, spending time in your wonderful company. Donation Any money exchanged is for my time and companionship only. What may then occur between two consenting adults is their personal choice. Please make sure my donation is prepared and handed to me within the first few seconds of our meeting. Cash is the only accepted form of payment. There will be no discussion of my donation. Available from 09:00 till 00:00 Let me know in advance before visit me Booking in advance is strongly encouraged so we can plan our time together accordingly P. S. Request for additional photos - immediate block
Yesterday 21:09

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