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Marija (30 years)

Приглашаю порядочого мужчину постарше в гости
  • Marija (30 years) (Photo!) gets acquainted with a man for sex (Ad #6504649)
Ad ID #6504649
Name Marija
Age 30
City lv
Phone number 2627**** Show phone number
E-mail sol***@inbox.lv Show e-mail

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Added Oct. 2022
Views 730

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EXCLUSIVE SERVICE FOR SELECTED AND HIGH-LEVEL MEN, WHO LOOK FOR MOMENTS WITH A TRUE LUXURY ESCORT. My perfume, my face and smile of a naughty and passionate girl will make you go crazy at first sight. But surely my body and my presence, wild and intense, will awaken you even more delicious sensations… It's surreal: you will definitely be surprised by the texture and size of my soft butt, ready to be patted, my perfect breasts and my cock always hard and fragrant for you, with lots of milk. I am very affectionate and I can fuck you slowly and tenderly if you want or if you prefer the most intense memory, I can fuck you hard. I can also be your insatiable female being fucked from behind, hot and hot to feel a hard cock in my ass. * PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO ARGUE VALUES, MY PRICE IS NOT UNDER DISCUSSION. WHO LOOKS FOR PRICE DOES NOT FIND BEAUTY, QUALITY OR GOOD SERVICE. I ACCEPT ALL CREDIT/ DEBIT CARDS. 5 STAR SERVICE **, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ON THE FORUMS – LOOK FOR LUNA PAVIANI ON THE FORUMS
Today 14:29

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